Volkswagen Continues To Enjoys High Public Confidence

According to a study, the Volkswagen Group is the most trustworthy of all DAX 30 companies. Volkswagen scored the highest ranking in the Corporate Trust Index (CTI), a study carried out by the Institute of Communication and Media Studies of the University of Leipzig and PMG Presse-Monitor. During the first half of 2010, the Group therefore further extended its leading position over the comparable prior-year period.

According to Günter Bentele, Professor of Communication Science at the University of Leipzig and the initiator of the study, the high public confidence in the Volkswagen Group is explained by the company’s resistance to crisis: “In the midst of the worst-ever crisis in the automotive industry, the Group reported the best unit sales in its history.” New models, very good development by the Audi brand and success on the Chinese market also contributed to the positive perception of Volkswagen.

Since 2007, Bentele and PMG Presse-Monitor have been conducting a monthly analysis of some 5,000 articles on DAX 30 companies published in 15 opinion-leading print media and evaluating the findings on the basis of specific confidence-building factors such as quality and quantity of media reporting, technical and problem-solving competence, ethical conduct and corporate communication behavior. The CTI is therefore one of the most comprehensive studies on public confidence in Germany’s 30 largest listed companies.

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