Volvo City Safety System

Having won the Technology category at the Fleet World Honours Awards in May 2008 one has to appreciate the extent to which car manufacturers are working at improving pedestrian safety!
Now there are already many pedestrian safety features in our cars so how could they have found a new one you may well be thinking. It is actually quite simple. Should you be looking to buy a new car towards the end of the year, you may be interested in the new Volvo XC60 which will be fitted what is currently referred to as the City Safety System. In a car this is very clever technology indeed. Click4Gap are new car rti gap insurance specialists here in the UK
Developed for mainly city driving this safety system operates at low speeds only and using radar technology the car will automatically assess what is going on in front of you. Should a vehicle in front of yours stop suddenly and you as the driver does not react quickly enough, or makes no attempt to do anything at all, the car will brake for you. The same then works if a pedestrian were to step in front of your car at slow speeds. We have yet to confirm but it is believed that this City Safety System will also slightly turn your steering wheel away from the impending collision. More on that as we find out. 
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