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Shine! Wins The BSI Kitemark Excellence Award For The Second Year Running

For over 10 years, the BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair has been a symbol of quality and safety for consumers, businesses and procurement professionals. The full British standard BS10125 is only given to repairers who have the technical competence, and the management systems and procedures, to operate and perform to the highest standards. Since 2012, Shine!, now part of the AutoProtect Group, has been BSI Kitemark certified – flying the flag for mobile repairers.

Each year, the BSI recognise just one certified vehicle damage repair organisation with their Kitemark Excellence Award. At the end of January, the award for 2020 was presented and, once again, the winner was Shine! A fantastic achievement after taking home the same award in 2019.

Reflecting on its success, Dean Meadows MD of Shine! notes:

“The credibility and trust of the BSI Kitemark have always been important, but in 2020, trust and quality were more relevant than ever before. We repaired over 50,000 vehicles in a safe, socially distant manner across the UK last year, ensuring every vehicle was repaired following our Contact Free Repair Process. The BSI Kitemark provided an instant credibility check – reassuring people of the quality of our work. To be recognised by the BSI once again for this approach is a huge boost to us and the many partners and customers we serve.”


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Choosing The Right Gap Insurance For Your Car

Whichever method you choose to pay, there is a GAP insurance policy that is right for your vehicle, personal circumstances and financial position. GAP insurance is available for new and used cars.

Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance

If you paid cash for your vehicle, or paid a sizeable deposit, or if you financed it, Combined RTI Gap cover will pay out the shortfall between the cost of your vehicle and the market value at the point of claim, which is the amount your motor insurer will cover. This is cover that will protect you no matter if you use your vehicle for private use or for business.

Lease/Contract Hire Gap Insurance

If you leased your vehicle or it is under a contract hire agreement, Lease/Contract Hire Gap Insurance will cover you for the shortfall on your lease agreement, after your motor insurer settlement. If, for any reason, you change your vehicle within the first 90 days from the start date, we will also arrange to transfer your cover to your new vehicle without hassle or charge.

Can you pay Gap Insurance monthly?

If you’re looking for the convenience and affordability of a monthly payment option, Click4Gap offers you a non-financed agreement that enables you to pay a 20% deposit on purchase, followed by nine monthly instalments to cover the balance.

You won’t be signed up to a credit agreement, we’ll require no credit references or searches, and it isn’t subject to any changes in interest rates. For more on paying monthly for Gap Insurance click here.

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