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The Difference Between Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

With the modern world being more technologically advanced, it has become a must that smartphones are compatible with new cars. Having been released for quite a few years, it is wise, if you are buying a used car, to look for one with either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Having this technology in your car enables the car’s infotainment screen to mirror your smartphone’s apps and functionality. For cars with a more basic version of these infotainment systems these features can make it easier for you to play your music, input addresses into your satellite navigation system and also make phone calls.


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Many common smartphone apps, such as Google Maps, WhatsApp and Spotify, are compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This makes it a lot easier, safer and legal to use your apps on the go. They are most commonly operated by a touchscreen, voice control (e.g. Siri on an iPhone) or a rotary dial. You can either connect your smartphone to the car’s system via a USB or wirelessly, which will bring up a home screen on the infotainment system very similar to your mobile phone’s screen.

Most vehicles with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto allow free access for users. Briefly, BMW had a subscription system in place for their customers to utilise the software.  They later performed a u-turn and made it free to use – in line with many of their competitors.

You are not able to access all of the apps you have available on your smartphone. This is because they can be deemed too distracting. Some apps have part functionality – such as YouTube, which can only be used when the car is stationary.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems are integrated into the car by utilising the vehicle’s built in microphones, and some cars have buttons on the steering wheel that can be used to control the system. This also ensures that your infotainment is never out of date since they are regularly receiving updates from your mobile phone.


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