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The Best Manufacturers Of New Cars

When analysing the best new car manufacturers, any list can fluctuate each year based on various factors such as reliability, customer satisfaction, and overall performance. However, through several auto industry reports and consumer surveys, we have seen a fairly consistent top 10 list over the past 2 years. We list them below…

But first, what makes an excellent new car, and the manufacturer that produces it, a top 10 pick?

What Makes An Outstanding New Car

1. Performance and Handling

  • Engine Power: A car’s engine should deliver ample horsepower and torque for its class.
  • Transmission: Smooth gear shifts, whether automatic or manual, enhance driving experience.
  • Handling: The vehicle should have responsive steering and remain stable around curves.

2. Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

  • Miles per Gallon (MPG): A car that can travel further on less fuel is not only cost-effective but also environmentally conscious.
  • Emissions: Cars with lower CO2 emissions or zero-emissions (like electric vehicles) are better for the environment.

3. Safety Features

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Technologies like lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking are becoming standard.
  • Airbags and Crashworthiness: Multiple airbags and a structure designed to protect occupants in a collision are critical.
  • Visibility: Good line of sight from all angles, supplemented by technologies like rearview cameras and blind-spot monitors.

4. Comfort and Interior Quality

  • Ergonomics: Seats should be comfortable and adjustable, and controls should be within easy reach.
  • Materials: High-quality materials like soft-touch plastics, leather, and metals enhance the luxury feel.
  • Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH): An exceptional car will minimise external noise and vibrations for a smoother ride.

5. Technology and Infotainment

  • Connectivity: Features like smartphone integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, and navigation systems.
  • Audio System: A top-notch sound system can significantly enhance the driving experience.
  • User Interface: An intuitive and responsive infotainment screen and control system.


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6. Reliability and Durability

  • Longevity: The vehicle should be built to last with minimal issues over time.
  • Warranty: A comprehensive warranty reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

7. Aesthetics and Design

  • Exterior: The car should have a visually pleasing design, aligning with modern trends or classic aesthetics.
  • Interior: The layout and design inside should be cohesive, functional, and stylish.

8. Versatility and Storage

  • Cargo Space: Adequate trunk or cargo space based on the vehicle’s class.
  • Flexibility: Features like foldable rear seats or roof racks can enhance versatility.

9. Value for Money

  • Pricing: The car should offer a reasonable set of features and quality for its price point.
  • Resale Value: Some vehicles retain their value better over time.

10. Brand Reputation and Reviews

  • Track Record: Established car brands with a history of producing reliable vehicles often have an edge.
  • User Reviews: Feedback from other users can give insights into real-world performance and potential issues.

Considering these points while evaluating or purchasing a new car, can help ensure you get a vehicle that is not only exceptional in its features but also aligns with your personal needs and preferences.


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10 Most Reliable Car Manufacturers Of New Cars

Analysing several industry reports and reputable auto websites, the consistently top-rated car manufacturer brands in the UK, in terms of reliability, performance, budget, popularity and general satisfaction.

Note: They are in alphabetical order, not in ranking order. To do it any other way would show some form of bias when data and feedback has been curated from multiple sources.


Citroën, a French automaker with a long-standing history, has consistently innovated and reinvented its car line-up to stay relevant and competitive in the global automobile market. Over recent years, Citroën cars have garnered attention for a number of reasons.

Distinctive Design

Citroën cars are known for their quirky and unique designs, ensuring they stand out in a crowd. They have introduced many concept vehicles and subsequently translated many of their avant-garde designs to production models.

Advanced Comfort

Citroen’s hydraulic cushion suspension is a signature feature in many of their cars, offering unparalleled ride comfort by absorbing road imperfections. Citroën has also developed seats that optimise both comfort and posture, ensuring a fatigue-free driving experience.

Innovative Technology

New Citroën cars boast modern infotainment systems with features like touchscreen displays, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. With driver assistance systems like lane-keeping assist, traffic sign recognition, and adaptive cruise control, Citroën also ensures top-tier safety for its occupants through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Eco-Friendly Options

Citroën has embraced the shift towards sustainable mobility, offering electric versions of their popular models, such as the Citroën ë-C4. Their traditional combustion engines also have been tuned for optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


From compact city cars like the C1 to family-friendly SUVs like the C5, Citroën offers a vehicle for almost every need. Citroën models come with multiple customisation options, allowing buyers to personalise their cars to reflect their style.

Value for Money

New Citroën cars are competitively priced, often offering more features and technology for a similar or lesser price than rivals. Many customers find the long-term costs of owning a Citroën (maintenance, parts, fuel efficiency) to be reasonable and competitive too.

Brand Heritage

Citroën has a rich history in motorsport, particularly in the World Rally Championship. This expertise has trickled down to their production cars, enhancing performance and reliability. Citroën continues to pioneer many automotive technologies and features today.

The newer Citroën cars blend the brand’s rich heritage with modern design, technology, and sustainability. Their commitment to comfort, value, and individuality ensures they remain a compelling choice for many car buyers across the UK.

Top 3 Citroën’s

  • Citroën C3
  • Citroën C5 Aircross
  • Citroën 2CV


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Dacia, a Romanian car manufacturer, is a subsidiary of the French carmaker Renault. Over recent years, Dacia has become increasingly popular, particularly in Europe. Here’s a look at why and what makes the newer Dacia cars so compelling:


One of Dacia’s main selling points is its value proposition. The brand offers cars that are significantly more affordable than many competitors in the same segment. Beyond the initial purchase price, Dacia cars tend to have lower maintenance and running costs.

No-Frills Approach

Dacia’s philosophy revolves around offering functional cars without unnecessary add-ons. This “what you see is what you get” approach appeals to many who seek straightforward, reliable transportation. The minimalist approach means there are fewer electronic components that could potentially fail.


Being under the Renault umbrella means Dacia vehicles benefit from the research, development, and engineering expertise of a long-established automaker. Dacia often uses tried-and-tested engines and components from Renault, ensuring reliability.


New Dacia models, like the Duster and Logan, are praised for their roomy interiors and ample cargo space. Dacia’s range, though limited, is versatile enough to cater to various needs – from the compact Sandero for city driving to the rugged Duster for more adventurous users.

Modern Essentials

New Dacia models incorporate essential modern technologies, such as touchscreen infotainment systems, smartphone integration, and Bluetooth connectivity. While Dacia might not lead in advanced driver assistance systems, they’ve equipped their cars with essential safety features, ensuring they meet modern safety standards.

Eco-friendly Options

Dacia offers bi-fuel models that run both on petrol and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), providing a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels. The newer engines are designed for better fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions in the process.

Strong Resale Value

Due to their affordability and reliability, Dacia cars tend to hold their value relatively well in the used car market. So, the brand’s growing reputation means there’s a consistent demand for second-hand Dacia vehicles.

Dacia’s blend of affordability, simplicity, and reliability, backed by Renault’s expertise, makes them an attractive option for many customers. The brand has successfully carved out a niche by offering straightforward, dependable cars that cater to budget-conscious buyers without compromising on essential modern features.

Top 3 Dacia’s

  • Dacia Duster
  • Dacia Sandero
  • Dacia Logan


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Fiat, an iconic Italian brand with a history stretching back over a century, has always been known for producing cars that combine style, innovation, and practicality. In recent years, Fiat’s newer models have managed to uphold this legacy while catering to modern demands. Here’s why and what makes the newer Fiat cars stand out:

Stylish Italian Design

Fiat cars, like the ever-popular Fiat 500, boast timeless designs that are distinctively Italian, blending retro charm with modern sensibilities. The attention to detail and quality materials used in the interiors often exceed what’s expected in the car’s price range.

Compact and City-Friendly

Many Fiat models are designed with urban environments in mind. Their compact size makes them perfect for navigating narrow streets and tight parking spaces. The smaller engines and lightweight designs contribute to good fuel economy, ideal for city driving.

Technological Innovations

New Fiat models come equipped with touchscreen displays, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and more. Advanced safety options, including parking sensors, lane departure warnings, and more, are increasingly standard or available in many models.

Versatile Line-up

From the compact and iconic Fiat 500 to the more spacious and practical Punto or the adventurous Panda 4×4, there’s a Fiat to suit various lifestyles and needs. With the launch of the Fiat 500e, the brand is now showing commitment to sustainable motoring, catering to those looking for eco-friendly vehicles.

Affordability and Value

Fiat cars are often priced attractively, offering good value for money considering the design and features on offer. In terms of maintenance costs, parts are generally readily available, and service costs are reasonable, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Rich Heritage and Brand Appeal

Fiat’s history in motorsport, especially in rallies, means that a touch of performance DNA trickles down to their consumer vehicles. Models like the Fiat 500 have become cultural symbols, representing Italian flair and design excellence.

Continuous Improvement

Fiat is responsive to customer feedback, refining models and addressing concerns in newer iterations. The brand continuously looks to innovate, as seen with their ventures into the electric vehicle segment.

Fiat’s blend of Italian design, practicality, and continuous innovation has kept it relevant in the evolving automotive landscape. The brand’s commitment to melding tradition with modern demands ensures that their new cars are a popular choice for those seeking style, functionality, and value.

Top 3 Fiat’s

  • Fiat 500
  • Fiat Panda
  • Fiat 124 Spider


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Honda, a Japanese automotive giant, has long been synonymous with reliability, innovation, and value. Their approach to vehicle manufacturing has secured them a steadfast reputation and loyal customer base worldwide. Here’s why and what makes the newer Honda cars stand out:

Reliability and Durability

Honda has a storied reputation for building cars that last, often going beyond 200,000 miles with regular maintenance. Their meticulous engineering and high-quality parts contribute to fewer breakdowns and repairs.

Advanced Technology

Many new Honda vehicles come equipped with the Honda Sensing® suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies, including collision mitigation braking and road departure mitigation. Honda’s touchscreen interface is user-friendly and often features Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a multi-angle rearview camera.

Fuel Efficiency and Eco-friendliness

With vehicles like the Honda e:Ny1 and ZR-V, Honda is making strides in the eco-friendly sector. Honda’s Earth Dreams™ engine technology focuses on fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Versatile Line-Up

From the compact Civic, family-friendly CR-V, practical HR-V, to the performance-oriented Type-R, Honda offers a diverse range for varying needs. Many new models feature the Magic Seat®, allowing multiple configurations for cargo and passengers.

Strong Resale Value

Honda’s are always a dependable investment and tend to have excellent resale value, reflecting their longevity and lasting demand in the used car market.

Performance and Driving Dynamics

Offering a range of brand new engines, including turbocharged options, that balance power and fuel efficiency. Honda vehicles, like the Civic and Jazz, are often praised for their responsive handling and comfortable ride.

Contemporary Design

Newer Honda models showcase sleek and aerodynamic designs, making them visually appealing to a wide audience. On the inside, attention to detail, quality materials, and ergonomic design are consistent themes in Honda interiors.

Affordable Maintenance

While Hondas are known for their reliability, when repairs are needed, they tend to be more affordable than some other brands. Honda’s reach also ensures parts availability and service options almost everywhere across the UK.

Commitment to Innovation

Honda invests heavily in R&D, ensuring they stay at the forefront of automotive technology and innovation. With projects like the Honda E, the brand is actively working towards a more sustainable and electric-driven automotive future.

Honda’s blend of reliability, innovation, performance, and value positions the brand as a top choice for consumers. The newer models uphold this legacy while integrating modern features and technologies that cater to today’s drivers.

Top 3 Honda’s

  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda CR-V


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Hyundai, hailing from South Korea, has transformed itself over the past few decades from a budget brand to a top-tier global automaker known for its quality, innovation, and value. The recent accolades and rising sales figures of Hyundai bear testament to their growth and excellence. Here’s an insight into why and what makes the newer Hyundai cars commendable.

Value for Money

Hyundai vehicles often come loaded with features that are typically found in more expensive cars, including advanced infotainment systems, safety tech, and creature comforts. Despite their extensive feature set, Hyundai’s are priced attractively, often undercutting rivals in the same segment.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Hyundai SmartSense provides a suite of safety and driving assist technologies, including forward collision-avoidance, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control, puts Hyundai at the forefront of automotive safety. Bluelink®, Hyundai’s connected car system offers a wide range of services such as remote start with climate control, in-car maintenance scheduling, and remote diagnostic checks.

Impressive Warranty

Hyundai is known for its industry-leading warranties, instilling confidence in buyers and underscoring the brand’s commitment to quality and durability.

Diverse Lineup

Whether you’re in the market for a compact car, a spacious SUV, a sporty coupe, or an eco-friendly hybrid or electric vehicle, Hyundai has an offering. Vehicles like the Hyundai Ioniq, available in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric variants, showcase Hyundai’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Striking Design

Hyundai’s design philosophy focuses on creating cars that are both aerodynamic and aesthetically appealing, as seen in models like the Santa Fe and the Nexo. The launch of a luxury sub-brand showcases Hyundai’s capability to produce vehicles that can rival established luxury marques in design and features.

Focus on Sustainability

Hyundai is aggressively expanding its range of green vehicles, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electrics, and even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the Nexo. Hyundai’s production methods increasingly prioritise environmental responsibility, with eco-friendly factories and sustainable materials.

Performance and Driving Dynamics

Hyundai’s performance sub-brand, “N”, exemplifies the brand’s capabilities in producing sporty, performance-driven models, like the Veloster N. Modern Hyundai cars offer a balanced blend of comfort and responsiveness, suitable for daily drives and long trips alike.

Global Research and Development

With multiple R&D centres worldwide, Hyundai taps into global trends and technologies, ensuring their cars cater to diverse markets and preferences.

Continuous Improvement

Hyundai places emphasis on customer feedback, which informs their iterative improvements in newer models, and stringent quality control ensures the reliability Hyundai is known for. The brand consistently invests heavily in quality control measures and checks.

Hyundai’s commitment to providing exceptional value, paired with its innovative spirit and emphasis on design and quality, positions the brand as a formidable choice for modern car buyers. The newer Hyundai models exemplify these attributes, offering a compelling blend of features, performance, and reliability.

Top 3 Hyundai’s

  • Hyundai Sonata
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Hyundai Veloster N


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Kia Motors, South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer after Hyundai, has made significant strides in the global market, shedding its image as a budget-centric brand and establishing itself as a purveyor of high-quality vehicles. Let’s delve into why and what makes the newer Kia models shine.

Outstanding Value

Kia’s offerings are known for their extensive features, often incorporating elements that might be considered upgrades in rival brands. Despite a rich feature set, Kia vehicles tend to be priced very competitively, offering consumers more bang for their buck.

Advanced Safety and Technology

Kia Drive Wise is a suite of safety and assistive driving tech, including features like Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Collision Warning, and Lane Keeping Assist, emphasises Kia’s commitment to safety. UVO Connect, Kia’s connected car technology offers a myriad of services, from navigation and diagnostics to remote controls and emergency assistance.

Impressive Warranty

Kia’s industry-leading warranty, often referred to as the “10-year/100,000-mile warranty,” showcases the brand’s confidence in its vehicles’ longevity and durability.

Broad and Innovative Lineup

From compact city cars like the Ceed, family-friendly SUVs like the Sorento, to electric models like the e-Niro, there’s a Kia for almost every segment. Kia has shown commitment to electric and hybrid technology, positioning itself as a forward-thinking automaker.

Modern and Appealing Design

The brand’s design language has evolved dramatically, leading to striking vehicles like the Kia XCeed and EV6 which have garnered praise for their aesthetics. Kia’s designs have won numerous global awards, attesting to their universal appeal.

Performance and Handling

Kia vehicles under the GT performance-oriented line demonstrate Kia’s capability to craft cars with a dynamic driving experience. New models have been lauded for their balanced handling and ride comfort, catering to a broad spectrum of drivers.

Commitment to Sustainability

With models like the Niro and Sorento, Kia is steadily expanding its footprint in the eco-friendly sector. With significant investments in R&D driving the brand’s push into electric and hybrid vehicle technologies.

Global Recognition

In independent quality surveys and studies, Kia has recently outperformed many other mainstream and luxury brands, highlighting its manufacturing prowess and attention to detail.

Adaptability to Global Markets

By setting up plants in strategic locations worldwide, Kia can tailor its offerings to suit local tastes and preferences, ensuring broader acceptance and success.

Kia’s evolution as an automaker has been remarkable. The brand’s ability to combine quality, design, and value has resonated with global audiences. New Kia models exemplify these principles, making them highly competitive in today’s automotive landscape and a preferred choice for many discerning consumers.

Top 3 Kia’s

  • Kia Sportage
  • Kia Nero
  • Kia Ceed


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Lexus, Toyota’s luxury vehicle division, has consistently been a frontrunner in the upscale automotive segment since its inception in 1989. This premium marque is known for its impeccable quality, cutting-edge technology, and plush comforts. What are the reasons behind the excellence of the newer Lexus models.

Uncompromising Quality and Reliability

Leveraging Toyota’s storied reputation for reliability, Lexus models are engineered to perform consistently and endure the test of time. Each Lexus vehicle undergoes rigorous inspections and meticulous craftsmanship to ensure perfection down to the last stitch.

Luxurious Interiors

Plush leather, genuine wood accents, and soft-touch materials abound in Lexus interiors, offering occupants an environment of unparalleled comfort. Lexus cars are renowned for their noise insulation, providing an exceptionally serene driving experience.

Advanced Technology and Safety

Lexus Safety System+ offers a suite of advanced safety technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert, and pre-collision systems, underscores Lexus’s commitment to driver and passenger safety. Innovative infotainment systems allow drivers enjoy a wide array of connected services, entertainment, and navigation options.

Striking Design Language

The bold spindle grille, sharp lines, and distinctive L-shaped lighting signatures ensure Lexus vehicles stand out. Concepts like the Lexus LF-1 Limitless show the brand’s forward-thinking design philosophy, with elements often making their way to production models.

Performance with Refinement

Models like the Lexus UX and NX combine powerful performance with graceful handling, proving that sportiness and luxury can coexist. Lexus has also become a leader in hybrid luxury with models like the RX hybrid and ES hybrid, combining efficiency with performance.

Exceptional Customer Service

Owning a new Lexus goes beyond the car as they pride themselves on offering unparalleled service, ensuring that every interaction is as premium as the vehicles themselves. Lexus’s vehicle warranties, including their coverage for hybrid components, reflect the brand’s confidence in its offerings.

Sustainability and Future Vision

With an expanding lineup of hybrid and electric vehicles, Lexus is committed to reducing its carbon footprint without compromising on luxury. Investing in autonomous driving technology too, Lexus is poised to remain at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Global Recognition

Lexus frequently ranks high in quality and customer satisfaction surveys, earning accolades from various automotive publications and entities. Lexus also continues to invest heavily in research and development, ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve in automotive advancements.

New Lexus models epitomise a blend of opulence, performance, and reliability. The brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection, coupled with its visionary approach to technology and design, cements its position as a top choice for luxury automobile enthusiasts worldwide.

Top 3 Lexus’

  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus UX
  • Lexus ES


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Škoda, a Czech automaker with roots tracing back to the late 19th century, has in recent decades risen to become one of the most respected names in the automotive world. Operating under the Volkswagen Group umbrella since the 1990s, Škoda has been producing vehicles that are both value-driven and high-quality. Here’s a look at why and what makes the newer Škoda models stand out.

Remarkable Value Proposition

New Škoda models come equipped with a host of modern features that you would typically expect in more premium segments. Despite their extensive feature set, Škodas are also priced competitively, offering substantial value for money.

Solid Build Quality

Being a part of the Volkswagen Group, Škoda benefits from the conglomerate’s vast R&D capabilities and commitment to quality. Known for their robust build, Škoda’s are constructed to withstand the challenges of daily driving while maintaining their integrity over time.

Spacious Interiors

One consistent praise Škoda receives is for the generous interior space, even in their smaller models like the Fabia. Škoda also prides itself on its ‘Simply Clever’ features – innovative storage solutions and practical touches that enhance user convenience.

Contemporary Design

Over the years, Skoda’s design has become more sophisticated, blending elegance with modern lines, as seen in models like the Superb and the Kodiaq. Škoda interiors are designed with a focus on ergonomics, quality materials, and tasteful aesthetics.

Efficient and Diverse Engine Options

From frugal three-cylinder engines to powerful vRS performance variants, Škoda offers a wide array of powertrains to cater to diverse needs. Škoda’s push into electrification, with models like the Enyaq iV, also showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Safety First

New Škodas are equipped with a suite of advanced safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and automatic emergency braking. Many of Škodas models regularly achieve high scores in independent safety tests like Euro NCAP.

Engaging Drive

Škodas are tuned to offer a balanced driving experience, merging comfort with responsive handling. The vRS badge on certain Škoda models indicates a sportier, performance-oriented drive, catering to enthusiasts.

Global Appeal

Škoda vehicles have garnered awards and accolades worldwide, testament to their universal appeal and quality. With a strong presence in Europe, Škoda has been expanding its footprint in emerging markets, tailoring its offerings to suit local preferences.

Continuous Innovation

Whether it’s electric drivetrains, autonomous driving tech, or connectivity features, Škoda is continually looking towards the future, ensuring its models remain relevant and cutting-edge.

Škoda’s transformation over the years has been nothing short of impressive. The brand’s ability to offer premium features and quality at accessible price points makes it a compelling choice for a wide range of car buyers. Newer Škoda models encapsulate this ethos, striking a fine balance between luxury, practicality, and value.

Top 3 Skoda’s

  • Skoda Octavia
  • Skoda Kodiaq
  • Skoda Fabia


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Suzuki, a Japanese automotive brand with over a century of history, has cultivated a reputation for producing reliable, efficient, and versatile vehicles. Particularly well-regarded in several global markets, Suzuki’s offerings often cater to those looking for practicality, fuel-efficiency, and affordability. Let’s examine the reasons behind the appeal of the newer Suzuki models.

Affordability and Value

Suzuki cars are known for their accessible price points, making them a go-to choice for many first-time buyers and budget-conscious consumers. Despite their affordability, many new Suzuki models come equipped with a host of modern features, representing excellent value for money.

Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

Suzuki has mastered the art of producing small, efficient engines that provide commendable fuel economy. Newer models like the Suzuki Swace and S-Cross are available with mild hybrid systems, enhancing fuel efficiency while reducing emissions.

Compact yet Spacious

Many Suzuki models, like the Swift and Ignis, sport compact exteriors that make urban navigation a breeze. Despite their compact dimensions, Suzuki vehicles cleverly maximise interior space, ensuring comfortable seating and ample storage.

Proven Reliability

Suzuki’s long-standing reputation for reliability stems from its robust construction and use of tried-and-tested components. Owners often praise Suzuki vehicles for their low cost of ownership and maintenance.

Versatile Offerings

From the city-friendly Swift to the rugged Vitara, Suzuki’s range caters to a diverse set of requirements and preferences. Models like the Vitara and Across have garnered acclaim for their off-road capabilities, making them popular choices for adventurers.

Modern Safety Features

Newer Suzuki models come equipped with modern safety features, including dual airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and electronic stability control. Vehicles like the Swift have received commendable ratings in safety tests, emphasising Suzuki’s commitment to passenger safety.

Intuitive Technology and Connectivity

Most new Suzuki models feature touchscreen infotainment systems that support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, providing seamless smartphone integration. Practical features like keyless entry, automatic climate control, and rear-view cameras add to the convenience in many Suzuki models.

Global Recognition and Appeal

Suzuki models regularly earn accolades for their value, reliability, and performance in various global markets. They are also continually updating their lineup, ensuring that their vehicles remain contemporary in design, features, and technology.

Beyond hybrids, Suzuki has been exploring electric and other eco-friendly propulsion methods to stay at the forefront of automotive trends.

Newer Suzuki models encapsulate the brand’s ethos of delivering practical, reliable, and affordable vehicles. Their ability to combine efficiency, versatility, and modern features at accessible price points ensures that Suzuki remains a favoured brand for a broad spectrum of consumers globally.

Top 3 Suzuki’s


Toyota, a name synonymous with durability and reliability, has been a global automotive powerhouse for decades. Established in 1937 in Japan, Toyota has since become one of the world’s largest automakers, known for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore why and what makes the newer Toyota models stand out.

Legendary Reliability

Toyota’s engineering philosophy places a premium on longevity and reliability, ensuring that their vehicles perform consistently over time. Many Toyota components and designs undergo rigorous testing, making sure they hold up under various conditions.

Excellent Resale Value

Toyota vehicles are renowned for their impressive resale value, a testament to their durability and the brand’s strong reputation. Compared to many competitors, Toyota models tend to depreciate at a slower rate.

Cutting-Edge Hybrid Technology

With the Prius in 1997, Toyota revolutionised the automotive industry, heralding the age of mainstream hybrid vehicles. Toyota’s hybrid range now spans across various models, from the compact Corolla Hybrid to the spacious RAV4 Hybrid.

Commitment to Safety

Toyota Safety Sense™ is a suite of advanced safety features, available in many newer models, includes pre-collision systems, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure alerts. Numerous Toyota models consistently achieve top marks in safety tests conducted by Euro NCAP.

Diverse Range of Offerings

Toyota’s lineup caters to a wide array of tastes and needs—from the sporty Supra and the rugged Rav4 to the luxurious Corolla and efficient Yaris. Toyota designs vehicles with a global audience in mind, ensuring they appeal to diverse markets and preferences.

Focus on Innovation

Beyond hybrids, Toyota is also delving into fully electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell technology, as seen with the Toyota Mirai. Newer models boast advanced infotainment systems, with features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and comprehensive navigation solutions.

Efficient and Performance-Driven Engines

Toyota engines are crafted to optimise fuel consumption without compromising on power. Toyota’s newer engine technology, like the Dynamic Force series, balances performance with efficiency, offering a spirited yet economical drive.

Timeless Design Philosophy

From the aggressive lines of the C-HR to the sleek contours of the Corolla, Toyota vehicles have a contemporary yet enduring design language. Toyota cars are not just about aesthetics; their designs often enhance aerodynamics, interior space, and visibility.

Global Reputation and Presence

Toyota’s brand recognition is unparalleled, with a presence in nearly every corner of the globe. Whether produced in Japan, the US, Europe, or elsewhere, Toyota maintains consistent quality controls, ensuring the same standard worldwide.

The newer Toyota models encapsulate the brand’s enduring commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a finger on the pulse of global automotive trends and a rich history of engineering excellence, Toyota continues to set benchmarks in the industry, making their vehicles an attractive choice for consumers worldwide.

Top 3 Toyota’s

It is worth noting that these rankings can change yearly based on new model releases, technological advancements, and shifts in consumer preferences. For the most recent and accurate ratings, we’d recommend checking updated consumer reports or industry publications specific to the current UK car market or the specific year you’re interested in.


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