Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vehicle Replacement Gap (VRI)?

In the event of a total loss, VRI will pay the difference between your Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy settlement, and the cost of a brand new replacement vehicle, even if the retail price has increased! Think of it as an extremely valuable top-up to your Motor Insurance.

Other levels of GAP insurance, such as Return To Invoice GAP insurance, will only cover the difference between the motor insurer's settlement and the purchase price of your car.


You purchased your vehicle for £14,500. Unfortunately, the car is declared a total loss.

With RTI GAP insurance, you would be covered to the original invoice price of £14,500.

However, you now need to buy a new car, and the equivalent model has now gone up in value from when you purchased it and is now £16,500, meaning you’re out of pocket by £2,000.

If you purchase VRI GAP insurance, you would be covered to the new car value of £16,500, instead of just to the invoice price of £14,500.

Keep in mind that all Click4GAP policies are insurance backed and as Click4GAP is regulated by the FCA, your policy is also protected by the Financial Services compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS is the UK’s legislative compensation scheme for customers of authorised financial services firms. It provides compensation to customers if a company ceases trading and is unable, or unlikely to be able, to pay claims against it.

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