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Gap Insurance for Vauxhall

Vauxhall is a British car company founded in 1857 by Alexander Wilson. Vauxhall started making cars in 1903 and moved its production to Luton in 1905 to expand. The first car was a five-horsepower single-cylinder model with no reverse, pre war Vauxhall concentrated on production of luxury vehicles but post war decided to cater for the mass markets and have had much success with their Astra and Corsa models. 

Unfortunately, misfortune can occasionally strike, and some situations are unavoidable. Your Vauxhall could be written off through an accident, fire, flood or theft, and most motor insurance providers will only settle your claim based on the current market valuation. This can be substantially less than the price you have paid, which could leave you out of pocket. The good news is that Click4Gap Gap Insurance can help you by covering this shortfall, leaving you free of this debt.

You’ll find some additional information below on Gap Insurance for your Vauxhall, and how it can help you avoid financial stress if your car is declared a total loss.

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap Insurance covers the depreciation of your car from the time you purchase the vehicle, to the moment of loss. You’ll be reimbursed with the difference between the market value paid by your motor insurer, and the purchase value of your vehicle when you bought it. Covering this shortfall means Click4Gap ensures you won’t be left out of pocket.

Alternatively, if your vehicle is leased, or on a contract hire agreement, we’ll pay the difference between the market value of your car at the time of loss and the outstanding balance of your lease or contract hire agreement.

To get more information on this, check out our detailed FAQ guide on gap insurance, or give us a call on 0208 819 3424, weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

What are the benefits of Gap cover?

Taking out gap insurance for your Vauxhall gives you total peace of mind with a policy that includes many extra benefits. Your Gap Insurance benefits include:

  • Cover from day one
  • Covers all named drivers at no extra cost
  • Covers vehicles up to £75,000
  • Covers your car excess up to £250
  • Covers dealer-fitted accessories up to £1,500
  • No mileage restrictions during the lifetime of the policy
  • Cover if your vehicle is stolen with the keys
  • Cover for personal and business travel
  • Cover when travelling outside the UK
  • No excess on claims
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

What types of Gap cover are there?

There are various kinds of Gap Insurance for Vauhall’s, and it’s often difficult to decide which option best suits your personal circumstances. Click4Gap provides complete cover for all of these different needs:

You paid cash for your car or financed it

Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance covers the difference between the purchase value of your car when you bought it, and its market value at the time of the loss. Or, if you financed it, the difference between what you paid for your car and the outstanding settlement amount on your finance contract.

Click here for more information on Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance.

You leased or contract hired your car

Leased/Contract Hire Gap Insurance covers the difference between the market value of your car at the time of loss, and the outstanding balance on your lease or contract hire agreement.

Click here for more information on Lease/Contract Hire Gap Insurance.

How much does Gap Insurance cost?

The premium is calculated based on the value of your vehicle and the number of years of cover you select. You can choose to pay your premium as a once-off payment, or opt for our convenient monthly payment plan to make your cover more affordable.

When you consider the financial strain you may face if your car is declared a total loss, this is a small price to pay. Click here for a quick and easy quote.

For how long does Gap Insurance cover a Vauxhall?

You can select your term of cover from Click4Gap for either a three or four year term, whichever suits you best.

Gap Insurance – is it worth it?

A car depreciates from the very moment it leaves the showroom, and continues to decline in value year after year.

Let’s say, for example, that you purchased your car for £16,500. Then, some months later it’s written off. Your motor insurer will pay a settlement amount equivalent to the market value on the day it was written off. 

If the market value was just £11,200 that means you could be out of pocket by as much as £5,300, which would be for your own account. If you have Gap Insurance however, you’d be able to claim the £5,300 and wouldn’t be left out of pocket.

And, if your car is on a Lease or Contract Hire Agreement, your outstanding finance could be as significant as £17,000, leaving you facing a shortfall of as much as £5,500. With Gap Insurance for your Vauxhall this amount would be covered, removing this burden from you.