The Bond Movie Cars Page III 

James Bond may be an action hero, but the cars he has sported over the years have often eclipsed the actresses who have starred alongside him.

BMW 750iL

Again, an unlikely partnership. A foreign make of vehicle for Bond. Again it caused ructions with the fans. However, you can understand why he chose a V12-engined super saloon. It is a fast, refined, well handling vehicle. Gadgets include, standard bullet-proofing, stinger missiles hidden in the sunroof, tear gas sprayers and caltrops that dropped from the bumper, a security system that would deliver electrical shocks to thieves unless disarmed by Bond's mobile phone, let alone, allowing anyone access to the glove box security compartment without Bond's fingerprint, metal cutter hidden behind the BMW badge and re-inflating tyres. But, the ultimate is Q's masterpiece, enabling the car to be driven remotely from his mobile that naturally produced a LCD screen showing a drivers view of the car.

The 750i/iL had a 5-speed ZF automatic standard, the 750i with a 5.4 L 322 bhp (240 kW) engine. The 750iL was BMW's flagship sedan.


This again was controversial as the first non-British car that was used as Bond's primary mode of transportation. A BMW was chosen purely because Aston Martin hadn't come up with anything new. When the Z3 deal was originally made with BMW, the Bond producers agreed to a 3 movie deal. The Z3 was the first in Goldeneye, followed by the 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies and the Z8 in The World is not Enough. However stunning the car may be, it is seen very little throughout the film. Its special features include, a self-destruct system, stinger missiles located behind the headlights, all points radar system with display & is shown to have a parachute Braking system. However, none of these gadgets are actually used in the film.

The car was the first modern mass-market roadster produced by BMW. The Z3 was developed from the E36 platform of the 3 Series. The result is referred to as the E36/7 roadster or E36/8 coupé. At first, only the 1.9 L M44B19 straight-4 engine was offered, but its 138 hp (103 kW) was not up to scratch neither was the interior. So it transformed to a 3.2 L, 189 bhp, straight 6.

In the North American market, the inline-4 engine was complemented by a larger straight-6 engine in 1997: the 2.8 L M52B28. This engine, similar to the BMW M52 in the 328i except with an all aluminum block and head, was especially desirable with its 189 hp (141 kW). The M Roadster appeared in 1998 with a 3.2 L S52B32 I6, just as the four was retired. In 1999, the 1.9 L 4-cylinder engine was replaced with a 2.5 L straight-6 M52TUB25, producing 170 hp (130 kW). Due to marketing, BMW wanted to differentiate the 2.8 L engine from the 2.5 L engine, so it was badged it 2.3 just like the 3-Series 323i, which also has a 2.5 L engine.

However the Z3 proved quite reliable, but it did have problems with the oxygen sensors, a flimsy plastic water pump, and failing rear shock mounts. With time the most common problems were rocking seats and water leaks on the roof. With its popular retro styling, the Z3s have held their value fairly well in the resale market.

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The ultra rare BMW Z8 roadster is a beautiful & expensive car. Its 400bhp V8 engine, lifted from the previous M5, sits in a lightweight aluminium frame which gives it tremendous power-to-weight ratio; it can accelerate from rest to 62mph in 4.7secs before hitting its electronic brick wall at 155mph. As a Bond car, it was pretty special too. There are missiles hidden in the side vents, body armour, a long-range eavesdropping device & a windscreen that doubles as an information display. As with the 750iL, the Z8 could also be operated by remote control on the key chain, along with six beverage-cup holders.

The car shows an all aluminium chassis with an engine 32 valve V8 (400hp) & a top speed of 168mph

Aston Martin Vanquish

The Aston Martin Vanquish, with its sleek 460bhp V12 engine & muscle styling, is the modern-day successor to the DB5. It is also one of the most gadget-packed Bond cars ever. It is also very well armed, holding 9-mm machine guns behind the front grille, a passenger ejector seat, spike-producing tires again, heat-seeking missiles, two guns in the bonnet & of course its ability to become invisible.

The Vanquish is powered by a 5.9 L (5935 cc) 48-valve 60° V12 engine, which produces 343 kW (460 hp) and 542 N·m (400 ft·lbf) of torque. It is controlled by a fly-by-wire throttle and a 6 speed clutchless sequential manual transmission. The Vanquish S upped the power to 388 kW (520 hp) and 577 N·m (426 ft·lbf), with a 6litre engine.

All Aston Martin's are handmade that explains why they are so expensive, also the Vanquish was discontinued in 2007, awaiting a replacement in 2010.

Aston Martin DBS

It returned in Casino Royale 2006, & is rumoured to appear in the latest release Quantum of Solace. Naturally it has been 40 years since the vehicle first made its legendary stance as on of Bond's car of choice. Originally it was introduced to Bond audiences as Lazenby's classic roadster in the movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the 1969 version of the DBS, when it lacked the bullet-proof windscreen that it so desperately needed. Like its ancestor, it is bare of gadgets, but homes an extra large glove box, where an emergency medical kit hides. This comprises of a digital satellite link to MI6 HQ, antidotes to various poisons, and a small defibrillator.

The DBS v12 is a continuation of the Aston Martin Vanquish series. It holds a 6.0 litre v12 engine, 510 horsepower, 420 lb ft torque & weighs 3750 lbs, despite its body being made of carbon fibre.

But despite all of these flash & exhilarating marques, funny, though, as Ian Fleming always had him as a Bentley man.


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