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A Guide To The Citroen Motor Company - Part I

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The story of French auto maker Citroen closely mirrors that of the US car company, Ford. Andre Citroen had a dream in 1919 to start a car manufacturer that would provide large, stable automobiles to the masses at economical prices. Recognizing the challenge this creates in production, assembly, and the manufacturing process, Citroen carefully studied Henri Ford's methods and philosophies that were gathering huge success in the US. Essentially Citroen established his company as the innovator of the consumer car in France and Europe. 

Citroen Car Gap Insurance by first car mass-produced and sold to the general public in Europe was the Citroen Type A model. The vehicle included all standard components of the time, including electric starter and lighting, bonnet, and spare wheel. More importantly to consumers, the car offered great driving capability and fuel economy for the time and was sold at a remarkably low price point of FF 7,950. Citroen was more focused on establishing his car company as a leader in mass car production as one of his initial goals was to reach a production point of over 1,000 manufactured automobiles per day. He reached this goal in the late 1920s. 

In its second year of operation, 1920, the Citroen model took off (literally and figuratively) in Europe and worldwide, thanks to its victory in the Le Mans grand prix for fuel efficiency. This established the vehicle as a leader in economy and tremendously increased demand. Citroen multiplied its production nearly 5-fold during 1920, leading to a total of over 15,000 cars on the road by the end of its second year. Most of the cars sold initially were in local markets, but in the coming years, international sales began to pick up. 

During the mid to late 1920s, Citroen continued its strong growth while Andre also began to build the foundation for the future of his company. The Citroen dominated the France auto market, with roughly one-third of car on the road made by the company. Citroen added new lines, which included sport cars and heavier steel-built models. Additionally, Citroen saw the potential for the worldwide growth of the company and began to establish subsidiaries throughout Europe with the goal of eventually selling his models globally. As part of the expansion process, the company began to emphasize service and repair processes through its dealerships. 

Throughout the rest of the early twentieth century, Citroen continued as an innovator in leader in develop new car models and styles, as well as perpetually enhancing production process. When World War II broke out in the 1940s, the company, like many of its brethren, faced tremendous challenges, including bombed facilities, changes in management from occupying entities from Germany, low morale, and falling production. 

Following the resolution of the war, Citroen began to regain its production levels, partly due to expansion into commercial vehicle production and partly from expansion into more markets. Another big boost for the company was when the French government elected to use its 15CV model, part of its new van line, as its official government vehicle.

During the second half of the 20th century, Citroen continued its trend of expansion, through partnerships, new lines, and improved production processes. In 1997, Citroen became the world leader in light utility vehicle sales. In 1999, the company incredible sold over 1 million vehicle units worldwide, with just 30% of sales in France, and 12% outside of western Europe. Today, Citroen is a recognized worldwide leader in many markets with many of its established vehicle lines.

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We continue our Citroen story in Part II

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