The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Car - Part II

The ultimate guide to buying a new car - Part II

Preparing to buying a new car with the latest technology

Once the new car buyer has explored the initial steps of buying a new car, including comparison of popular brands and financing options, he then begins the actual process of looking for and buying the new car. He must first decide what dealers to consider when shopping for the preferred new car model. After asking questions and performing due diligence, he then weighs up his options and makes a decision. Then with total understanding and excitment the consumer can identify which car, insurance, car warranty and gap insurance to buy.

Understanding the car buying process

There are several important factors that help a new car buyer decide what dealers to approach when buying a new car. Generally speaking, the more specialized the car model, the fewer dealers there are selling that model. More universally popular models are sold by more dealers. Advances in internet-based dealers has created greater competition in new car sales, which has helped improve costs and benefits for car buyers as well. 

The internet has also helped consumers by enhancing the dealer and car research process. Car dealers in today's competitive environment have a stronger need to operate ethically and with a customer orientation. Consumers can quickly share opinions and experiences online through consumer reports, opinion sites, virtual communities and more. New car buyers should review consumer evaluations of various apsects of a new car dealers services including the car dealers gap insurance offers to hone in a few dealers to start the process of buying a new car. Years of experience, quality, selection, and services are all important factors that contribute to a quality new car dealer.

Performing due diligence

As much as the preparation to the process of buying a new car is important, performing due diligence during the new car buying process is as vital, if not more. The due diligence process should involve a detailed and thorough review of the external and internal features of the new car. In theory, a new car should be untarnished, but new cars are often test-driven multiple times or have obtained scratches or dents while on the dealer's parking lot. New car shoppers need to compare the features of various models and assess these against dealer and model price points. There are many questions that a new car buyer needs to ask dealers when shopping for new cars

Questions that the new car buyer should ask are many, but include:
  1. What are the benefits that you offer as a dealer that make you my best option?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each model under consideration?
  3. What special promotions and car warranty options are available from the dealer and each car manufacturer?
Manufacturer and dealer warranty opportunities should be an important factor involved in the final decision to purchase a new car from a particular dealer. A new car warranty is an assurance from the dealer, manufacturer, or both, that the car will function as a new car should, for a period of time. Key factors that make a good warranty are the car components covered, including mechanical and electrical features, and the length of the warranty period. Confident manufacturers and dealers should stand behind their products with strong warranties. 
There are also great secondary market opportunities at the end of the process for the buyer to find great deals to extend or renew your UK car warranty.
It’s Worth Noting That.

The expansion of the internet has given rise to a much more competitive lending market for consumers to work with. Independent loan brokers have brought together the best loan offers and rates from most of the major new car lenders. Recent studies have suggested that consumers can save well over 1,000 pounds over the life of a loan when purchasing on the open loan market as opposed to taking a dealer-financed loan. Thus, lining up financing and knowing how much funding is available should be a precursor the actual car buying process. 

Buy a gap insurance quote

Part III of the ultimate guide to buying a new car explores these opportunities as well as key insurance and leasing opportunities.

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