The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Car - Part III

The ultimate guide to buying a new car - Part III

As discussed in part II of the ultimate guide to buying a new car, having adequate gap insurance and car warranty protection against mechanical and electrical failure is an important consideration when purchasing a new car. Car manufacturers and dealers typically offer some type of new car warranty protection as a way to gain customer trust in the quality and value of their automobiles. Sometimes, new car buyers want additional protection, or need to extend their warranties when they near expiration. There are great secondary market opportunities for these cases as well.

The new car warranty

There are many advantages to new car buyers in the secondary new car warranty market. One major advantage is that specialised warranty providers, at least the quality ones, are experts in the benefits of warranties and usually offer the best customises warranty services. New car buyers may want to add protection to the basic warranties offered at the time of their new car purchase. It is often more economical to buy in the competitive secondary market to get great protection at lower costs that are available for similar upgrades through the dealer. 

Additionally, new car warranties have limited lengths and mileage protection. Their main purpose is to ensure the new car buyer is aware that the provider is confident the car is going to drive as it should during initial phases of use. Many car buyers want extended protection and security after this initial period. Again, specialised car warranty providers are usually the best value option for renewing or extending a new car warranty. This is especially the case with the expansion of Internet specialists, who offer great educational resources and efficient quotes and service online. Specialists also tend to offer various warranty protection packages that are more customised to protect key areas of concern for the car owner. Car buyers can protect as little or as much of the car's parts as they would like for an affordable rate.

GAP insurance

Most new car buyers understand the legal and practical requirements for basic comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance. However, many new car buyers also could benefit from purchasing GAP insurance from a quality, specialised provider. GAP insurance is extra protection that covers the "gap" between what an insurance carrier pays for a write-off after an accident and what the car is actually worth, or what is owed on a loan. In other words, it protects against financial losses to the car owner from underpayment of primary insurance. There are many great GAP protection plans from specialized providers at great low cost options. New car buyers need to be aware that many car dealers' pressure car buyers to buy gap insurance cover from them at much higher premiums. The best protection and prices should be the focus and that most often comes from a specialised GAP insurance provider such as Click4Gap.


Finally, one alternative to buying a new car is to lease a new car. Many new car buyers have used this approach in the last several years because of a few inherent advantages. Monthly lease payments are usually similar to loan payments. There is no long-term obligation to lease other than leasing contractual obligations. Plus, most new car dealers offer lease-to-own plans which apply portions of lease payments to the purchase price of the car should the customer decide to buy at some point.


There are many important factors to consider when buying a new car. The ultimate guide to buying a new car has explored some of the most important factors. The main idea is that new car buyers need to be informed and equipped before embarking on the car buying process. They need to be aware of their financing options? What to watch out for? New car warranties? GAP insurance? and much more.

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