Japanese Car Imports - A Great Buy But Will You Still Qualify For Insurance & Gap Cover?

Japanese Cars And Gap Insurance

Once you have made the tough decision to buy a car for your teenager, whether it is new or used, you want a tough, safe and cost effective vehicle, and one which you can insure without breaking the bank. The perfect answer may be a Japanese car or even an import, and your considerations should definitely include gap insurance cover.

Before you do buy an imported car, it's a good idea to first phone a gap insurance company such as Click4Gap as well as your car insurance broker to double check whether you will be able to purchase insurance and gap cover for your chose vehicle. When buying Japanese imports there is no forecourt or dealer markup prices; you pay a flat rate commission to the import agency.

There are some great benefits of buying a Japanese import:

*They have very strict tests and standards as far as specifications and safety are concerned;

*There is unlikely to be any rust on the vehicle, for instance from salting of the roads in the winter time;

*Japanese imports are fuel efficient and usually have lower mileage;

*Air conditioning, power steering, electric windows and alloy wheels are considered standard options on almost all Japanese imports.

Picking the right import agency is the key to getting a good deal on a Japanese import. A reputable import agency will handle all stages of the import process, including shipping arrangements, car import registration and all testing of the vehicle.

By buying a Japanese import you can find a reliable, safe and economical vehicle you will feel secure in letting your teenager drive.

Many British parents who are buying their children a first car are actually considering the car’s depreciation during the first 3 years, especially since the UK is in a depressed market and parents are paying thousands of pounds for a new Toyota or Mazda 3. To protect yourself against the effects of car depreciation as wise move is to buy gap insurance. GAP could prove to be the answer for many British car buyers worried about footing the bill if their car should become written off.

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