Technological advancements have changed the face of motoring

New cars can save lives...

My three favourite in-car technologies

When you slide behind the wheel, do you ever wonder about all the innovative technologies that have been incorporated into your little dream machine?

A lot of the older cars, of course, do not have the luxury of side air bags to protect against side collisions or Eco-Pedals to help you economise on your petrol consumption, but newer cars are getting more and more user friendly and can really save lives.

What follows are my personal favourite innovations that I look for in a car...

Number one, for me, has to be the side air bag. My new car was T-boned recently and was a write off. Luckily I had the foresight to buy gap insurance with which I managed to recover all my investment. If I had not had side air bags, I think I would have been a write off too instead of the few scratches I walked away with.

Number two is GPS. I do a lot of travelling and rarely, if ever, use a map anymore. My GPS talks to me, what I mean is, it doesn't pass the time of day with me but it is audio enhanced to tell me when to position myself for the next turn and will recalculate if I overshoot the turning.

I was given a GPS for my birthday but when I bought the new car it had GPS installed. I learned later that an add-on item, such as my birthday present, may not have been covered by GAP insurance anyway, as it is only covering my initial investment. When you buy gap insurance, be sure you understand exactly what it does cover.

Number three is Start/Stop technology. Start/Stop technology has been available on Toyotas and Mazda in Japan and BMW are now using it on their Efficient Dynamics brand. Stop/Start is designed to conserve fuel and cut down exhaust emissions. With the price of petrol as high as it is, we need to save every penny we can, and if I'm sitting on the M25 for hours, I don't need to be breathing in someone else's fumes.

I haven't done the calculations, but looking at my petrol receipts I know I am saving money.

For me, car technology can only get better both for the driving experience and for the positive effect on the environment, and that is where we all benefit.

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