Autobytel says more are buying cars online

INCHCAPE-OWNED, Autobytel, says 78% of men and 22% of women visiting the website now buy their cars online,.
73% said they use the web to read reviews or opinions on the latest model compared with 66% from Autobytel's last research in 2003. 
Autobytel, which has been selling cars online for six years, surveyed nearly 1,000 drivers who visited its website - both buyers and prospects.
The key motivation for over 90% of drivers to buy a car online from Autobytel is price.
"The web complements the physical car buying experience provided by the dealer," explained Spencer Lock, Inchcape Retail's managing director, "but British car buyers are also becoming increasingly confident in buying cars online.
"The extra security offered by purchasing a car online through one of the UK's largest car retailers is obviously a key plus point as Autobytel is selling hundreds of cars online each month," he added.
Online selling is a key part of Inchcape Retail's strategy.
Inchcape's nationwide network of 110 retailers supply all of Autobytel cars. 
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