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Be A Greener Driver


Did you know that the average family saloon car creates nearly 3 tons of CO2 emissions? This means that all our vehicles, including most city buses contribute to climate change; because their engines burn fuel and therefore produce carbon dioxide (CO2) every time the engine is switched on and we drive somewhere.

The best performing MPV with a manual gearbox is the diesel FIAT Fiorino Combi 1.3 16v MultiJet which produces 123 g/km of carbon dioxide. In the Supermini class with a manual gearbox there are two winners to be found. They are the VOLKSWAGEN Polo 3 / 5 Door 1.4 TDI (80PS) (with A/C) with DPF BLUEMOTION and the SEAT Ibiza 1.4 TDI 80PS Ecomotion which both only produce 99 g/km of carbon dioxide.

In the 4WD class I can simply tell you that the worst offenders to our world’s climate are currently the MITSUBISHI Shogun 2007 MY on Elegance SWB and the NISSAN Pathfinder 2.5 dCi 4x4 Diesel which both carry a car tax bill of £400 and produce a staggering 264 g/km of co2 emissions. That’s around 1/3 more than the best in classes HYUNDAI Santa Fe 2.2l CRTD (5 & 7 Seat) which produces 191 g/km. 

One way to reduce this is to frequently check your tyre pressure is correct and that you unload your car or van of any unneeded shopping or equipment as often as possible.

Van owners and frequent campers often have roof carriers or roof boxes on their cars. The type Halfords and other stores sell. These increase drag and therefore co2 emissions too, remove the roof box whenever you don’t need it and this would help the environment and also save you petrol. Also walking to the local grocer could help cut back your contribution of co2 emissions and get you fit at the same time. Studies do show that a brisk morning walk is good for your circulation and makes you feel happier too.

Planning your journeys route, using a satellite navigation system is a great way not to get lost driving extra miles and pre planning the time of day that your leave is vital to saving fuel and lower your cars co2 emissions.

Be greener and be careful, find out about gap insurance for your car. Gap insurance helps against car depreciation.
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