Do You Know The Rules Of The Road?

Where would you see a contraflow bus or cycle lane? Which documents might the police ask you for if you've been involved in a road traffic accident? According to Driving Test Success, these are two of the questions that have made it into the Top 5 Most Difficult list for car drivers taking the UK Theory Test.
The UK Theory Test demonstrates that there is much more to gaining your driving license than simply getting behind the wheel. As a driver, your actions can and do affect the actions of all other drivers around you. You can minimise the risk of danger to yourself and to others by adhering to the Highway Code and by fully understanding the principles behind driving theory. Obtaining Gap Insurance will help against car depreciation, if your car is stolen or written off, contact Click4Gap now for a online quote.
Driving Test Success can reveal that the most difficult question of all is this: "In which three situations may you overtake another vehicle on the left?" A massive 79% of learner car drivers who have used Driving Test Success Online answered this question incorrectly.
Intelligent Tracking
When practising for the UK Theory Test it's important to understand everything that you may be tested on. All Driving Test Success products contain intelligent tracking software that collects and monitors the user's data. This enables learners to keep track of their progress. Even more useful is that it lets the user keep a close eye on any incorrectly or unanswered questions. By providing test candidates with the facility to revisit their 'problem questions' during their own practice and revision period, learner drivers are able to brush up on their skills before the day of their Theory Test.
Take the Challenge
So the big question is... do you know the answer to the UK's most difficult Theory Test question? There are five possible answers below, but only three are correct. Can you answer correctly?
"In which three situations may you overtake another vehicle on the left?"
When you are in a one-way street In slow-moving traffic queues when traffic in the right-hand lane is moving more slowly When the vehicle in front is signalling to turn right When a slower vehicle is travelling in the right-hand lane of a dual carriageway When approaching a motorway slip road where you will be turning off
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To find out if you answered correctly and to view the Top 5 Most Difficult UK Theory Test questions for car drivers, visit You can even try your hand at some free Theory Test training while you're there, if you're up for the challenge?
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