Ford's New Econo Check

Ford has come up with a way to help car owners driving one of their cars up to an amazing 25% per annum. As long as the car was built after 1998 you may qualify for this service. 
Just how does Ford's Econo Check help motorists save up to 25 per cent of their annual fuel bills? Simply put they Ford inspect all parts which could influence fuel consumption. For instance a blocked fuel filter or dirty air filter will increase your fuel consumption. They then check tyre condition and inflation, your cars oil condition among other things. 
A Ford technician then fits a data logging device to your vehicle, perhaps under the dashboard. The data logger stays in play for a period of a week after which you the car owner either drops the data logger off back at the Ford Garage or you mail it back to them. 
The data logger provides Ford with information on your driving style, how hard you brake and accelerate, how high you rev before changing gears and more. Ford then provide you with a report on how to change your driving style, a change which could help you save up to *25% of your annual fuel bill. 
The cost of this service is just £29.99, but then Ford give you a £15 BP Ultimate fuel cashback voucher and a further £15 off your next ford service. This offer is for a limited period only so may not be available when your reading this.
*this figure is reportedly based on a motorists driving an average of 12 000 per year.
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