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A simple traffic light system sitting on the dashboard of a vehicle is set to revolutionise the way we drive.

One day all cars will be driven this way... 

A simple traffic light system sitting on the dashboard of a vehicle is set to revolutionise the way we drive.

UK company Trimble MRM has today launched a state-of-the-art monitoring technology which will scrutinise hundreds of driver actions and then respond using red, amber and green lights to tell the driver how well they are handling the vehicle.

If a driver is travelling faster than is safe on a specific road, braking too harshly or even cornering too severely the system will know and use the lights to warn the person at the wheel.

A green light means the vehicle is being driven within acceptable guidelines, an amber light is a warning and a red light signals dangerous or unacceptable driving practices. There is also an audible bleep to support the visual signs.

Although the idea is simple, and warning light systems are available on the market, the GPS-based technology behind Trimble's flashing lights system is the most sophisticated to date.

The technology is called Driver Safety and has been developed to improve the safety of fleet drivers, but it has implications for every car on the road.

"Driver Safety marks the latest step forward for Trimble's GeoManager platform and is designed to ensure vehicles are driven more safely and cost effectively," says Andrew Yeoman, MD of Trimble MRM.

"This latest generation of software will spark a revolution in the way we drive. Driver Safety doesn't just mean the safety of a fleet driver but of all road users. If the thousands of fleet drivers on our roads are driving more carefully thanks to technology then the benefits will be felt by everyone."

Driver Safety will be able to reduce the cost of insurance premiums. "Insurance companies like drivers who demonstrate accountability. Our system is designed to make employees more accountable," says Yeoman.

Katie Shephard, from the road safety charity Brake, says: "Vehicles driven for work are the highest-mileage on our roads, so their safety is paramount.

"Surveys show, due to the pressures of work, that fleet drivers are more likely than other drivers to admit to speeding, talking on a mobile phone and driving when tired, so management of driver safety by companies is vital.

"Companies also need stringent standards of safe vehicle maintenance. While reputable companies operating all kinds of vehicles are increasingly introducing higher standards of road risk management than in the past, thanks to initiatives such as Brake's Fleet Safety Forum, there continue to be horrendous tragedies caused by badly driven and badly maintained fleet vehicles of all kinds."

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