Luxury Car Tax Set To Increase

It seems that Gordon Brown has yet again come under fire for Taxes. This time though it's for the proposed car tax increases announced in the Budget which are set to have hefty implications for those of us driving bigger cars.

Although the changes are only expected to affect cars purchased after 2001. These car owners could be facing increases of up to £200. The exact figures are not yet known, but the problem is that many average-income households may also fall into this category. Labour backbenchers have now signed a Commons motion urging ministers to re-think the proposals before the new rates come into force. 

According to MSN News Labour MP Ronnie Campbell is reported to have said "When people get their road tax letter through the door next year and find they have got an extra £200 to pay - well, I don't have to say any more, do I? The motorist is taking the brunt again." 

As it is British Motorists are paying far higher fuel taxes than almost another country in the world with a litre of Diesel costing 129.5 pence at the pumps at the Tesco Petrol Station last week *Price on 20.05.08 and there is an expected 2p increase in fuel duty due in October which we here at Click4Gap - the premier UK online gap insurance company - do not believe to be in the motorists best interests.
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