More haggling required


The fact that around £1500 can be saved on the price of a new car has been highlighted by a supermarket bank. Nothing new of course, but the sentiment of the report is to encourage buyers to haggle and haggle 'hard'.

A significant sample size was obviously questioned since over 400,000 of the respondents said that that wouldn't haggle.

Surely, the days when people wandered casually into a showroom on a Saturday afternoon and decided to buy a new car without asking for some discount are long gone.

This must be a misinterpretation of how the discount is offered. Anyone with a vehicle to part exchange will be automatically in receipt of an 'over allowance' added to the basic trade value. In reality, they haven't needed to ask for any discount, they just get given it without question. Maybe they need to be made aware of just how much discount they are getting.

Oh, and next time you arrive at the supermarket checkout with a trolley full to the brim, don't forget to ask for a significant discount. 
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