Speed Cameras - The Lights Slowly Go Out Around The Country.

The sun has now gone down for the last time on many speed cameras operated by the safety-camera partnership.

Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Swindon have already axed their speed cameras and more are set to be decommissioned. 

The reasons are simple, Governtment spending cuts mean that we, the tax payer are no longer funding local council grants paying for speed cameras to be maintained and operated by our councils. 

Without the funding, many of the older cameras will most certainly face the axe first. The older ones use camera film and not only has this technology been retired in favour of digital cameras, but they only have value when they have film loaded in them!
It has been reported that the new digital speed cameras cost a whopping forty grand and with jobs on the line, councils are most likely not going to outspeed cameras at the top of their shopping lists. Jobs come first, and so they should.

We do hope that the most important cameras do survive the cutbacks as safety is paramount on the roads, speed does indeed kill and it would be wise for everyone to remember this fact!

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