Terms And Conditions

Clarity Is Our Watchword. 
Choosing a GAP Insurer that deserves your trust is easier said than done.  Bold statements splashed across the internet, often falling short of the small print, can leave you with a nasty shock at point of claim.
Our web site is design is clear and accurate to enable you to make an informed decision and all pages provide easy acccess to these policy terms before, during and after purchase.

Since 2004, our team - underwriters, administrators, consultants and IT crew alike, have worked to make Click4Group products respected as the best of their kind and we pledge to keep on delivering the best quality of service and comprehensive cover that's affordable at purchase and reliable at claim.

Click4GAP Policy Documents

Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) 
A two-page easy-to-read summary of key benefits, exclusions, restrictions, your rights and obligations.  While this is an accurate summary of the policy wording, giving you the important information you need to compare insurance products and buy a policy that meets your needs, it does not replace or contain the full conditions and exclusions which are found in the Policy Terms.

Policy Terms
Click4Gap policies are legally binding contracts of insurance.  The policy terms set out, in full, all the conditions of the policy including definitions of insurance terms, what’s covered and what isn’t covered.

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